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We utilise and apply a wide range of materials that are durable and require little or no maintenance.


A truly timeless material that has been used in roofing applications for centuries.

The ever changing appearance of copper is a very sought after property when selecting it as a cladding and roofing material. It will keep on changing its appearance based on exposure to the environment and the location of the installation.

Copper is available in a number of select finishes directly from the manufactures including: Natural, pre-weathered (oxidized), and patina. Providing a high level of creativity and design.

It is highly malleable and therefore well suited for a wide range of applications such as curves. This natural material is the ultimate in longevity and durability which provides excellent protection and value to any project.

When selecting Copper as the material of choice, it is important to consider other surfaces and material that are located alongside or on lower levels to ensure there are no compatibility issues.

KME Copper. 

Aurubis Copper


Zinc is a very durable and low-maintenance material. It is widely used in Europe as the go to material for roofing and metal wall cladding applications.

It is available in a variety of different finishes that have been developed by the manufacturers. The natural, mill finish Zinc material has a shiny silvery appearance that soon will change into a more subtle light to mid grey as it oxidizes. This patina on the surface of the Zinc is self-healing and therefore offering great protection.

As well as Copper, Zinc will continue to change its appearance through the life of the project. It is influenced by weather, environment and area of application.

Having excellent forming properties and being highly malleable allows for a wide range of applications in the architectural cladding and roofing applications. 

VM Zinc


EL Zinc


Aluminium is a relatively new material on the architectural cladding market compared to Copper and Zinc. It provides the designers with a more cost effective option. Being available in a selection of different surface finishes allows for great creativity.

Aluminium is a lightweight metal that has been developed to allow for excellent forming. Its corrosion resistance is a highly sought after property in the Australian environment.  

Aluminium is resistant to corrosion and is often used in coastal areas where a steel based material might not offer the same level of protection.

Aluminium has a painted finish over the base metal, thus making it an option for a more uniform and consistent surface finish that will not change with time.

Its compatibility with other building materials is an essential property of Aluminium. Aluminium finishes range from solid mid and drak greys through to white. Additionally it is also available as a look-alike finish to weathered copper and zinc materials.

Vestis Aluminium


One of the fastest growing cladding and roofing materials in Australia. Since the early 2000’s the locally produced Colorbond steel has seen a steady increase in its use in the architectural metal cladding sector.

There are a multitude of different materials and finishes available in this segment. Offering a large variety of colours at an attractive price point makes it a particularly interesting choice to a broad range of projects.

Being a steel based material makes it less malleable compared to other materials. 

Steel in the cladding and roofing industry is available in a number of options:

Painted: Colorbond standard and matt as well as Unicote-Lux

Raw: Corten Steel

Coated: Galvanized

Colorbond Steel


8LambertPlStKilda 26

What we do

Material Applications.

Through a deep understanding of each of our material’s makeup and limitations, we design spacial & architectural experiences that connect with people.

Titanium Zinc provides an illustrious base that can realise any design aspiration. Its natural warm palette and mechanical flexibility permits creativity with distinction.

Copper offers a distinctive finish perfect for creative design.

Aluminium delivers optimum results for savvy architectural design.

COLOURBOND® steel ensures architectural innovation built to last.


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About our materials

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Titanium zinc is a non-ferrous metal. This means there are no traces of iron in the alloy and the material won’t rust with age. Zinc’s long lifespan, and surface depth, offers homeowners, architects and builders, peace of mind when it comes to product longevity.

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