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How to Choose the Best Metal Cladding Specialist in Melbourne

Hit a wall in your search for a metal cladding specialist? Here’s our guide to finding the best installer in Melbourne for your home reno.

How To Choose The Best Metal Cladding Specialist In Melbourne 01 - How to Choose the Best Metal Cladding Specialist in Melbourne

Metal cladding is one of the most popular ways to side a house here in Melbourne, and with good reason. It’s durable, it’s long lasting, and it looks stunning, just to name a few. But that aesthetic and sturdiness are only as good as the products you have installed and the quality of the installation itself.

With this in mind, you’ll want to find the best metal cladding specialist in Melbourne for the job. But admittedly, there are a number of contractors and builders professing to work with the material, so how can you determine who is truly tops? There are actually quite a few indicators, and we’re breaking them down in this guide to help you in your search.

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What to look for in a metal cladding specialist

Metal cladding might look straightforward to install, but in reality, it’s a bit of an artform. The panels and sheeting need to be installed precisely and with fittings that are designed specifically for the job without damaging the panels or exposing the metal below its protective coatings.

To this end, there’s some finesse required when installing metal cladding, and that finesse comes with experience. Starting with how much experience an installer or specialist has will help you narrow the field significantly. Ask what experience they have working specifically with the material you have in mind for your job and how many projects they have done. A general contractor will have a different response than the best metal cladding specialists in Melbourne, that’s to be sure.

Keeping in line with the idea that cladding can be an artform, you’ll also want to see a portfolio of work before settling on a specialist. High quality architectural roofing and metal walls require a skilled approach to achieve designs and effects with the materials. You’ll want to make sure that the work they’ve done in the past looks similar to the look you’re trying to create.

Questions to ask a specialist about your project

So you know to ask about experience, or how many years a contractor has worked with metal cladding. And you know to look for a portfolio to make sure you’re on the same page aesthetically. But what other questions should you ask to narrow down the best metal cladding specialist in Melbourne? Here’s a list that we put together to aid your search:

  • “What licenses do you have to prove you can do this work effectively?”
  • “What insurance coverage do you have for your company and workers?”
  • “Do you have customer references I can speak to about their experiences?”
  • “Do you offer free estimates or quotes for projects?” 
  • “Does your team do the work or do you subcontract the installation?”
  • “What areas in Melbourne do you work in the most?”
  • “How do you charge for services and what are the terms of payment?
  • “How long will this project take to complete?”
  • “What guarantees do you offer on your workmanship?”
  • “Are there warranties on the products you use that pass on to me as a homeowner?”


Is metal cladding installation really worth the effort?

Considering that most of that effort will be done on your behalf, it’s safe to say that if you’re interested in metal cladding, the install is well worth it. You certainly don’t want to tackle an installation of this extent by yourself. It requires a lot of technical skill not just to install the cladding itself but also to ensure that the substructure is solid and prepared correctly to receive the metal cladding.

Metal cladding can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your home with an architectural flair. What’s more, it’s durable and designed to hold up to the elements with little to no maintenance needed. Some metals, like copper and zinc, can gain a patina with age, but that’s expected and gives the metal a unique look and character that you can’t achieve with other materials.

Steel and Colorbond, on the other hand, will retain their look and colours without fading for decades upon decades, and you won’t have to worry about refinishing or repainting it. Plus, they come in such a wide range of colours, you’re bound to find one (or several) that match your design goals.

Bonus tip: Metals matter!

When you’re considering working with a metal cladding specialist, you’ll want to be sure that they are experienced and able to work with the exact type of metal that you’re interested in. There are more than just aesthetic differences between steel, zinc, copper, and aluminium that need to be accounted for in the process. For example, aluminium is the most compatible with other building materials when going through the construction process, whereas steel based materials are the least malleable and can be more difficult to work with.

How To Choose The Best Metal Cladding Specialist In Melbourne 02 - How to Choose the Best Metal Cladding Specialist in Melbourne

Work with best metal cladding specialists at Advanced Metal Cladding

With over 40 years of experience and a firm dedicated solely to residential installations of architectural roofing and wall cladding, Advanced Metal Cladding is THE expert firm for your project. We’re local to Melbourne and dedicated to helping homeowners upgrade their home facades without breaking the budget. We also work with a variety of metals and brands and are able to advise on the best fit for your project, aesthetic, and budget.

Advanced Metal Cladding also leverages technology to help with accuracy when it comes to estimates using software that helps limit waste materials. We’re dedicated to more than design too. We make sure that every structure has a solid substructure with the proper insulation so your home has maximum energy efficiency.

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