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JohnWardle Boneo 04 - Copper


A truly timeless material that has been used in roofing applications for centuries. The ever changing appearance of copper is a very sought after property when selecting it as cladding and roofing material. It will keep on changing its appearance based on exposure to the environment and the location of the installation. Copper is available in a number of select finishes directly from the manufactures including:

  • Natural
  • Pre-weathered (oxidized)
  • Patina

Providing a high level of creativity and design. Copper is highly malleable and therefore well suited for a wide range of applications, such as curves. The natural material is the ultimate in longevity and durability which provides excellent protection and value to any project. When selecting Copper as the material of choice, it is important to consider other surfaces and materials that are located alongside or on lower levels to ensure there are no compatibility issues.

Types of Copper Material:

KME Copper. 

Aurubis Copper

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