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Stylish Standing Seam Wall Cladding Melbourne - for Builders & Architects

Aesthetically Pleasing Standing Seam Cladding for Builders and Architects

Standing Seam Wall Cladding 01 - Standing Seam Wall Cladding

Standing seam wall cladding is a popular choice for residential and commercial projects in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Not only does it improve the strength of the structure, but it also creates a sleek, stylish finish. Whether you have a new build or it’s time for renovations, standing seam wall cladding’s unique look can help to let your property stand out.

The team at Advanced Metal Cladding (AMC) has a combined industry experience of over 40 years. Armed with our extensive product knowledge and installation skills, we can create architectural wonders that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

To find out more about the solutions that we can offer to architectural challenges, reach out to our team on 0497 009 390,

What is standing seam wall cladding?

With standing seam cladding, panels are joined by folding the side upstands together to create a sheet metal cladding profile that Australians have grown to recognize immediately and love. It’s extremely versatile and can be installed in various ways including roofing, walls, and facades, making it one of the most popular cladding choices in Melbourne and across Australia.

What’s more, the panels can be custom made so that they can be used for curved or concave surfaces. The panels are then laid on a plywood backing and fixed with concealed clips. The end result: simple lines that add an iconic look to residential properties.

Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal lines, you can achieve both layouts with this system. It’s also available in a range of materials including aluminum, brass, copper, or zinc.

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What are the advantages offered by standing seam wall cladding?

Standing Seam Wall Cladding 02 - Standing Seam Wall Cladding


Standing seam wall cladding can help to offer protection against the rain, wind, and other extreme weather conditions. At the same time, it can also help to increase the structure’s mechanical strength.

Energy efficiency

In addition to improving overall strength and adding an extra layer of protection, this type of wall cladding can also help to regulate your building’s energy efficiency better. For example, by opting for a lighter colored metal, you can reflect the sun’s UV rays helping to keep your building cooler. On the other hand, if your biggest concern is the colder months, selecting a darker wall cladding will help the building to absorb more heat. What’s more, it can also boost thermal insulation to help even further with temperature control.


Not only does standing seam wall cladding serve a practical function, but it also improves the aesthetics of a property’s exterior helping to set it apart from similar houses or office blocks. Should you decide to sell the property at a later stage, this type of cladding can help to bump up the price.

Low maintenance

In addition to being lightweight, metal cladding requires minimal maintenance. Moisture, for instance, won’t be an issue with copper and you won’t have to clean algae on a regular basis.


If you’re concerned that this extra feature will increase your workload, think again. You can rest assured as materials like aluminum, zinc, and copper are regarded as lightweight and won’t substantially increase the dead load of the building.

As mentioned earlier, with standing seam cladding, the panels are custom made. This offers much more flexibility (and quite literally as the panels can also be applied to concave or curved facades) to allow more architectural creativity.

Cost effective

Considering all these main benefits that standing seam wall cladding can offer property owners in Melbourne, it becomes clear that it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to add a unique look to a building. Whether it’s by offering added protection against weather or water or by improving the energy efficiency of the building, wall cladding can help to reduce costs while improving the appearance. Plus, it doesn’t require lots of maintenance, allowing builders and architects to save money in the long run too. For example, copper cladding can offer protection for up to 50 years.

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Stand out with standing seam wall cladding in Melbourne

Standing Seam Wall Cladding 03 - Standing Seam Wall Cladding

Standing seam wall cladding can add an iconic look to properties that remain striking over decades. Not only does this striking surface finish breathe new life into older properties, but it can also help to preserve the life of new buildings. It’s strong and durable, while lightweight at the same time.

AMC’s team of experienced craftsmen can manage any project, including new builds and renovations. As an accredited VM Zinc installation partner, we can offer a 50-year material warranty. We are 1 of only a few in Victoria. What’s more, we’re also a licensed roofing contractor and member of the Master Builders Victoria. So, you can rest assured that our team that’s been trained in-house can take on most challenging architectural projects. Reach out on 0497 009 390.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Seam Wall Cladding in Melbourne

Standing seam cladding can be used for both walls as well as roofing. It offers designers a lot of flexibility and can be customized to fit a wide range of architectural applications that include curved structures, tapered sheets, and dome roofs.

The team at AMC prioritizes efficiency to keep the possible disruption of onsite installation to a minimum. Depending on the size of the property and the project’s level of complexity, it can take anything from two to five days to clad the entire property.

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Why Choose Advanced Metal Cladding


AMC was established in 2013 by Paul Bowd and Michael Kumschick who have been in the architectural metal cladding industry for 20 years.


We are focusing on being efficient and reliable when it comes to the onsite installation. Good communication between the involved parties is crucial.


We have recently been approved by VM Zinc as an accredited installer that can supply a 50 year warranty on VM Zinc materials if installed by AMC to the VM Zinc guidelines. Other workmanship warranty is as per the regulations of the construction industry.


Doing a detailed area take-off for each individual project ensures that we are full across the requirements and reduces the amount of re-work and variations due to oversight in the quotation process.


We are open and honest with clients from the start of what to expect when they deal with us. We are a small business that focuses on a niche market that we know well.


We have developed systems to better serve our clients which starts from the first initial contact for a quote request through to the on site installation of the customized cladding and roofing project.

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