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Certified Zinc Wall Cladding Melbourne - for Builders & Architects

Low Maintenance Zinc Wall Cladding for Builders and Architects

Ready to experience the best of both worlds with the fashion and function of zinc wall cladding? You’ve come to the right place. At Advanced Metal Cladding (AMC), our team of experts have over 20 years of experience in the architectural cladding and roofing industries.

That means we have the expertise needed to help you bring to life the long-lasting, low-maintenance zinc cladding walls of your clients’ dreams.

What’s more, we offer:

  • In-house work executed by highly trained, qualified tradespeople
  • A licensed team that follows the latest Australian Standards
  • Comprehensive quotes, so you never face re-work or unexpected costs
  • Customisable installations guaranteed to meet your clients’ needs
  • A range of metal cladding systems, materials, and finishes

Contact us directly here if you have any specific questions about our process.

How do I know if I need zinc wall cladding

If you’re looking to give the exterior of your property a durable, sustainable, and high-quality upgrade, you can’t go wrong with zinc wall cladding. But how do you know if it’s finally time to make the plunge? It may be time to upgrade your exterior if you notice:


Over time, sun, rain, and wind will take their toll on any home’s exterior, leading to visible warping and bulging. If you notice anything starting to lose its appearance, it may be time to replace it.


 This only applies to wood cladding, but it’s important to take care of rot fast. Not only does it look bad, but it can also spread quickly and compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Cracking or holes

Noticeable holes or cracks in your cladding aren’t just an eyesore: they’re also a clear indication that your cladding isn’t working as it should and that it should be replaced.


Over time, UV rays can cause your cladding to fade. This isn’t just an appearance issue, as fading can also be a sign of more significant wear and tear.

High energy costs

Finally, if the energy costs have gone up, it’s a good indicator that your cladding is no longer insulating as it should.

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What is the cost?

Zinc Wall Cladding 02 - Zinc Wall Cladding

The cost of a zinc cladding installation will vary based on many factors including:

  • The service provided including how much cladding is supplied and how difficult the installation is
  • The complexity of the project with strange shapes or sizes requiring more customization and higher costs
  • Material choice
  • Location
  • Scope of work such as whether you require only cladding or also sub-construction?

That said, for VM Zinc, EL Zinc, and Rheinzinc, you can expect to pay between $400-450/sqm.

How long does it take to install zinc wall cladding?

Zinc Wall Cladding 03 - Zinc Wall Cladding

Overall, zinc wall cladding can generally be installed in one week or less. That said, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration during the installation process to make sure that no damage, color variations, or deformities occur.

Specifically, zinc installers should always wear gloves and long sleeves, as perspiration can leave marks on the zinc that last quite a while. Additionally, professionals must consider:

  • Ambient temperature since colder weather can make zinc brittle
  • Underlayment to prevent water penetration and allow the zinc to expand and contract freely with changing temperatures
  • Proper cleaning of the zinc itself

How can you identify a professional service provider?

You need an expert that will:

  • Focus on customer service
  • Have the systems in place to capture all the important details related to your architectural project
  • Be able to customize your cladding and roofing systems
  • Be compliant with the highest Australian Standards
  • Offer transparency in pricing and process.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we fit the bill and provide the best zinc cladding services in Melbourne.

Count on Advanced Metal Cladding for your next project

At Advanced Metal Cladding, we offer both labour and material warranties to make sure that you can always rest easy knowing that we’ll do the job right. Specifically, we have recently been approved by VM Zinc as an accredited installer that can supply a 50-year warranty on VM Zinc materials.  We also offer other workmanship warranties, as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

AMC specializes in facade cladding on architectural projects and uses only the highest quality architectural metal wall cladding for every job. We make sure every project starts off with a clear and fair quote, is backed with a quality substructure, includes the cladding to meet your exact needs, and ends with a complete review with a sign off by our crew.

To get started on your project, feel free to reach out to us directly on 0497 009 390 or via our online form.

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Zinc Wall Cladding Service Section - Zinc Wall Cladding

Frequently Asked Questions About Zinc Wall Cladding Experts in Melbourne

Zinc is commonly used for roofing and metal wall cladding thanks to its:

  • Extremely high durability, even in extreme conditions
  • Low maintenance needs over time, particularly when compared to other metals
  • Aesthetic variability, as zinc is available in a variety of different appearances
  • Good formability and malleability
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • High alloy content, which offers great protection against the elements
  • Fire resistance
  • Insect-proof capabilities

That’s why we’re proud to offer zinc cladding to our community in Melbourne.

Yes. Zinc’s color will change throughout its life based on various factors including weather, the environment, and the area where it’s applied. Zinc’s color will also change and darken as it oxidizes.

The longevity of your zinc cladding will vary slightly depending on various factors including the weather in your area. If you live in a more marine environment or a highly polluted one, your zinc cladding can last approximately 80 years. In an unpolluted environment, zinc cladding can easily last 100 years or longer.

Yes. For one, thanks to its low melting point, zinc requires less energy to produce than other metals, like aluminum or copper. What’s more, zinc is completely recyclable. This makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable wall cladding option.

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Why Choose Advanced Metal Cladding


AMC was established in 2013 by Paul Bowd and Michael Kumschick who have been in the architectural metal cladding industry for 20 years.


We are focusing on being efficient and reliable when it comes to the onsite installation. Good communication between the involved parties is crucial.


We have recently been approved by VM Zinc as an accredited installer that can supply a 50 year warranty on VM Zinc materials if installed by AMC to the VM Zinc guidelines. Other workmanship warranty is as per the regulations of the construction industry.


Doing a detailed area take-off for each individual project ensures that we are full across the requirements and reduces the amount of re-work and variations due to oversight in the quotation process.


We are open and honest with clients from the start of what to expect when they deal with us. We are a small business that focuses on a niche market that we know well.


We have developed systems to better serve our clients which starts from the first initial contact for a quote request through to the on site installation of the customized cladding and roofing project.

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