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DSC01314 - Nailstrip


The nailstrip system looks aesthetically similar to the standing seam system once installed. It has been created to simplify the  installation of a raised seam cladding system, as there is no need for specialised tools to close seams etc. The limitation of this system is

AP 02830 - Interlocking


Interlocking system, otherwise known as the cassette cladding is the reverse look to the standing seam system. The interlocking system provides a clean, sleek and contemporary aesthetic. It is popular with those who prefer the flat look over the rib effect. Whilst it is most

AcuteHouse - Standing Seam

Standing Seam

Standing Seam is considered to be one of the oldest metal cladding systems and one of the most popular. In recent times, its gained popularity on roofing as well as wall cladding. Whilst it is most commonly used vertically, it is versatile and can be

DJI 0019 - Malvern East- Shingles

Malvern East- Shingles

This project located in Malvern East used the very intricate system of shingles. They were fabricated as 540mm x 540mm in Colorbond Matt Range, Color: Surfmist. This type of design requires a lot of attention to detail right from the planning phase, all the way


Brighton – Non-standard

It doesn’t always have to be vertical… On this project we have installed the rarely used recessed flatlock system. It lends itself well to areas that have very few window and door openings as the setout is very dependent on such points. This cladding system


Red Hill South – Fully wrapped

Set amongst the tall trees it seems this project is a world away from the busy Melbourne. We have been engaged early on in the planning process working through multiple design stages of the cladding and roofing scope. A real collaboration effort for one of


Malvern – Cladding Completed

A stunning new entrance to the refurbished Phoenix Park Library in Malvern. We have recently completed these cladding works comprising of approx 350 individual shingles. All folding and preparation works was done by AMC. In order to successfully repeat the setout and to speed up

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