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16 Through St Cameberwell Standing Seam VMZINC Pigmento Brown 4 - Zinc


Zinc is a very durable and low-maintenance material. It is widely used in Europe as the go to material for roofing and metal wall cladding applications.

It is available in a variety of different finishes that have been developed by the manufacturers. The natural, mill finish Zinc material has a shiny silvery appearance that soon will change into a more subtle light to mid grey as it oxidizes. This patina on the surface of the Zinc is self-healing and therefore offering great protection.

As well as Copper, Zinc will continue to change its appearance through the life of the project. It is influenced by weather, environment and area of application.

Having excellent forming properties and being highly malleable allows for a wide range of applications in the architectural cladding and roofing applications.

Types of Zinc Material:


VM Zinc


EL Zinc

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