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Cladding and panel systems provide a durable, long lasting layer of protection that goes well beyond keeping the wind and rain away from your property. The right cladding can transform your clients’ lifestyle whether it’s acoustic insulation or regulating internal temperature and bringing your annual power bills down.

But among the many advantages, there is one unanswered question – what type of architectural cladding system is right for you?

Both directors have a combined industry experience of 40 years. We have been doing it for almost 10 years as AMC. . Whether you want to improve the energy efficiency of your current home, or a low-maintenance cladding option that leaves you more time to do the things you love without worrying about your home’s exterior longevity, we can help.

As a leading boutique, Melbourne-based company with a track record of excellence, we’re excited to learn about your unique needs and deliver the product to match. All cladding work is carried out to the latest Australian Standards. We’re also proud members of the Master Builders Association.

To learn more about our services please contact a member of our team on 0497 009 390.

You Bring the Challenge, We Bring the Solution.

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What is architectural cladding?

It is the application of one material over another to provide a layer of “skin” around your building’s external facade.

This addition can be seen in commercial properties, apartments to hotels, industrial zones and beyond. More than an aesthetic benefit, cladding provides a host of advantages that cover security, safety as well as style.

Delivering thermal insulation and resistance against Melbourne’s notoriously fickle weather, this type of cladding has the potential to truly transform a structure’s appearance. We’re proud to offer a range of innovative materials including:

What are the benefits of architectural wall cladding?

Architectural cladding is essential to protect your clients’ space from external conditions. That said, the days of functional cladding options are long gone. Modern options provide a truly eclectic mix of materials that can be customised to suit any project decor or style.

Advantages include:

✓ Improved internal ambience

✓ Striking facade aesthetics

✓ Safeguard against weather conditions

✓ Temperature control

✓ Increased property value

✓ Low-maintenance finishes

✓ Boost fire safety

At AMC, we believe transforming your property goes beyond surface beauty. Maybe you’re looking to transform your clients’ space by combining modern cladding with traditional architecture. Or, you may want innovative insulation to help lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Whatever your needs, our team of experienced architectural roof and facade cladding professionals can help customise your project to deliver the bold, powerful finish you’re looking for.

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How much does architectural cladding cost?

The cost of wall cladding will vary based on the materials used, the complexity of the project and the scale of the installation. You’ll also need to factor in long-term costs for an accurate picture. For example, though timber cladding is typically the most economical in terms of installation costs, this cladding will require ongoing maintenance and treatment (and may need to be replaced). Over time, this can become an expensive option.

For an average cost per m2, consult the table below.

Cladding or Service Type Average Cost per m2
Copper $500 to $600 per m2
VM Zinc / EL Zinc / Rheinzink $450 to $450 per m2
Plywood Sub-Construction $90 per m2
Top Hat Sub-Construction $50 per m2
Colorbond Standing Seam Wall $280 to $320 per m2
Aluminium $350 to $400 per m2

Please Note: These prices should be considered as averages only. For specific pricing related to your upcoming project, reach out on 0497 009 390.

How to choose the best cladding option

Although first impressions count, your choice of cladding will impact your property for years (and decades) to come.

Here are some of the key considerations you’ll need to take into account:


Your property is a reflection of you. That makes your choice in cladding crucial to project the bold, striking finish you desire. Consider colour and texture as well as the surrounding architecture. Do you want a raw and natural look? Or, are you after a pop of colour and a powerful differentiator from every home on your block? Working with your local cladding experts in Melbourne can help you uncover the aesthetic vision that’s best suited to you and your clients.


Living in Melbourne offers an unrivalled lifestyle with every amenity on your doorstep whether you call Toorak, Hawthorn or the Mornington Peninsula home. There’s just one constant challenge – the weather. Your choice of cladding is your first line of defence against driving rain, powerful winds, and challenging elements. On top of this, your choice of cladding can help regulate internal temperature which means less reliance on the A/C and more control over light, noise and heat.


The last thing you want is to be scheduling maintenance, repair or replacement for your external cladding. For this reason, seemingly economical choices like softwood timber cladding may end up costing more over time than a more robust cladding like copper which requires little maintenance or upkeep. Whether your walls are prone to direct sunlight, shoreline wind or the odd backyard cricket ball, consider strength when choosing your cladding.

How to find Melbourne’s most professional cladding experts

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Whether you live in Albert Park, South Yarra or the Melbourne CBD, finding the best cladding service in Victoria is never as simple as jumping on Google. As a property owner it’s natural you want to do your due diligence to ensure your budget goes towards an experienced and professional team able to manage all aspects of your project.

When choosing Melbourne’s leading cladding experts, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • “What is the best cladding option for my property?” – Experienced companies can suggest the highest quality architectural wall cladding to deliver maximum value.
  • “What is the best material for my cladding?” – Though metal is widely considered the most durable cladding, your team should break down your options (steel, copper, zinc, aluminium).
  • “What level of resistance comes with my cladding?” – Cladding can offer acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire resistance.
  • “Is my cladding under warranty and who provides it?” – Find out if your warranties are guaranteed by the product manufacturer or installer for lasting peace of mind.
  • “What environmental impact will my cladding have?” – Find out what impact the manufacture, installation and maintenance of your cladding choice will have
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Let AMC support your next project with bold architectural cladding choices

Ready to transform your home from the outside in?

Architectural cladding provides an ideal way to safeguard and protect what matters most to your clients. With a range of innovative and durable cladding options to choose from, get in touch with the Advanced Metal Cladding team for qualified, experienced cladding services designed to suit your clients’ lifestyles and needs.

Each member of our trained, licensed and insured team is ready and able to provide support in identifying the right cladding for you. We also offer time-saving obligation-free quotes to help you plan your next project with confidence.

With the knowledge and ability to manage any project, we’re excited to learn more about your architectural vision and find out how we can assist. Reach out on 0497 009 390.

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Why Choose Advanced Metal Cladding


AMC was established in 2013 by Paul Bowd and Michael Kumschick who have been in the architectural metal cladding industry for 20 years.


We are focusing on being efficient and reliable when it comes to the onsite installation. Good communication between the involved parties is crucial.


We have recently been approved by VM Zinc as an accredited installer that can supply a 50 year warranty on VM Zinc materials if installed by AMC to the VM Zinc guidelines. Other workmanship warranty is as per the regulations of the construction industry.


Doing a detailed area take-off for each individual project ensures that we are full across the requirements and reduces the amount of re-work and variations due to oversight in the quotation process.


We are open and honest with clients from the start of what to expect when they deal with us. We are a small business that focuses on a niche market that we know well.


We have developed systems to better serve our clients which starts from the first initial contact for a quote request through to the on site installation of the customized cladding and roofing project.

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