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Interlocking Cladding

2021 12 03 10.36.55 - Interlocking Cladding



Providing a very striking, modern look with recessed gaps between each panel. The panels are self supporting and can be fabricated in a variety of metals and sizes.


The Interlocking system is suitable for walls and ceilings only. It is not suitable for roofing applications as the recess gap joins are not waterproof when flooded.

The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally. The width of the recessed gap is nominal 15mm. It can be changed to the range between 5mm and 25mm. Applications are both possible in vertical and horizontal orientations.

System Buildup

On a wall cladding application with the Interlocking system it is imperative that there is a quality type membrane installed over the main structure. This needs to be fully tape sealed to ensure no water ingress can occur.

On top of that, metal battens provide the fixing points for each panel and flashings required.

Standard Sizes

  • 1,200mm wide coils (Aluminium, Colorbond, some Copper)
    • 205mm
    • 305mm
  • 1,000mm wide coils (VM Zinc, EL Zinc, Rheinzink, Copper)
    • 238mm
  • Wider panels can be produced of course. Going beyond the 238mm mark in Zinc and copper materials it is vital to increase the thickness of the material to 1mm ensuring a reasonably flat panel surface.
  • The vast majority of our Interlocking cladding project is made to suit each project and will have customized panel sizes.

The Interlocking system has a nominal panel thickness of 25mm. We predominantly use 25mm high top hat channels resulting in a cladding zone of 50mm from the structure.

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