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High Class Standing Seam Roofing Melbourne for Builders & Architects

Experienced Standing Seam Roofing for Builders and Architects

Standing Seam Roofing 01 - Standing Seam Roofing

Thanks to its high-class performance, durability, and modern finish, standing seam is a popular roofing solution in Melbourne and across Australia.

The experienced Advanced Metal Cladding (AMC) team has a combined industry experience of more than four decades. By combining our impressive knowledge about standing seam roofing and installation skills, we create roofing solutions that are functional and pleasing to the eye.

To learn more about the architectural roofing and architectural cladding services that we can provide to residential architectural challenges, contact our team on 0497 009 390,

What is standing seam roofing?

Standing seam roofing features a broad flat area between two raised (also called vertical) legs. This pattern of one raised, vertical leg followed by a broad, flat area gets repeated to form a distinctive look.

One of the major appeals of this type of roofing system is that the fasteners are cleverly concealed. The panel is typically attached to the roof deck with the help of a concealed clip. This creates a seamless surface consisting of sleek lines. While simple in design, it’s this simplicity that’s the secret behind its iconic, timeless look.

Another big benefit of standing seam roofing is that it offers loads of customization options. From color to width, there are various options that property owners in Melbourne can explore. The panels can also be custom made. So, you’re not necessarily restricted to the standard sizes.

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What benefits does standing seam roofing offer?

Standing Seam Roofing 02 - Standing Seam Roofing


As the fasteners are concealed, elements like the sun’s UV rays, moisture, or high-speed winds are less likely to lead to early failure. What’s more, the use of hidden fasteners also means that there’s no need to drill holes in the panels that are meant to protect your building from the elements.

Improved thermal movement

Noise and oil canning are two of the main issues associated with improper thermal movement. A standing seam roof system allows for improved expansion and contraction as the metal panels aren’t pinned down.

Energy efficiency

On top of its impressive durability, a standing seam roofing system can also make it easier to maintain the energy efficiency of your building. By selecting, for example, a light-colored metal, you can better reflect the UV rays of the sun. If you’re located in a hot region, this can help to keep the building cooler, eliminating the need to run the HVAC system on full blast. The opposite is also true for colder areas. Installing a dark colored metal roof will help the building to retain heat better.


Not only does it offer great durability in the area where you need it most, but it can also improve the visual appeal of the property. Fastener heads are often regarded as unattractive, and as fasteners are concealed with this type of roofing system, it’s another issue that’s solved. The patterned straight lines also create a sleek look helping to give your property a modern feel.

What’s more, you can also use a standing seam system for wall cladding to create a unique facade. This way your roof and the front of your property will create a harmonious look that can help to increase the value of your property.

Low maintenance

Compared to other popular roofing systems like tiles or shingles, standing seam requires less maintenance. As the fasteners are concealed, checking for damaged or loose fasteners need to be completed less often.


As mentioned earlier, with standing seam roofing, the panels can be custom made. This offers much more flexibility. You can choose from different types of material including metal, aluminum, zinc, or copper, and, if you settle on metal, you can select virtually any colour to complement the rest of the building.

The number of detailing options available are nearly infinite. It can be customized to match various architectural applications including dome roofs.

How does it get installed in residential roofing projects?

8LambertPlStKilda 31 - Standing Seam RoofingIrrespective of whether standing seam will be used for wall cladding or for roofing, it needs a fully supported build-up. It’s recommended that a sub-construction made from plywood gets installed over battens to allow for ventilation. The plywood sub-construction should be at least 17 mm thick. In fact, some manufacturers make this plywood sub-construction a requirement in order to qualify for the material warranty.

The plywood will then get covered with a waterproof ProctorWarp HTR membrane. Depending on the type of material that gets used, it might also be necessary to include a physical separation layer between the sub-construction and the metal panels.

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Raise the roof with standing seam roofing in Melbourne

Standing seam roofing can add a beautiful sleek look to crown your construction project. This simple yet striking system is strong and durable, making it ideal for roofing applications.

The seasoned team of AMC can supply and install roofing as well as cladding systems in the inner Melbourne metro area and regional Victoria. Our roofers have received in-house training, and we’re a licensed roofing contractor and member of the Master Builders Victoria for added peace of mind.

If you need help with a challenging architectural project, contact us on 0497 009 390.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Seam Roofing in Melbourne

When the standing seam is used in roofing systems, it requires a minimum fall of three degrees. So, if your clients prefer a flatter roof over a sloped one, this can be a good solution.

The standard sizes of the system will depend on the width of the material coil. Some standard panel sizes are:

  • 430mm
  • 330 mm
  • 230 mm

It’s also common practice to customize the panel sizes per project. To better suit a specific project and offer design flexibility, the length and width of these roofing panels can be changed easily. This could, however, lead to more waste from the coil material (which won’t be the case if you opt for one of the above standard sizes).

For roofing projects, the longest length of panel that we can supply is 8 meters. This is due to transport. If a very long panel is needed for your roofing project, we can roll from the material on the roof. This approach has worked well for us in the past.

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AMC was established in 2013 by Paul Bowd and Michael Kumschick who have been in the architectural metal cladding industry for 20 years.


We are focusing on being efficient and reliable when it comes to the onsite installation. Good communication between the involved parties is crucial.


We have recently been approved by VM Zinc as an accredited installer that can supply a 50 year warranty on VM Zinc materials if installed by AMC to the VM Zinc guidelines. Other workmanship warranty is as per the regulations of the construction industry.


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We are open and honest with clients from the start of what to expect when they deal with us. We are a small business that focuses on a niche market that we know well.


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