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Sustainable Architectural Roofing Melbourne - for Builders & Architects

Melbourne’s Most Trusted Architectural Roofing Team for Builders and Architects

IMG 2602 - Architectural RoofingAre your clients ready for roofs that are more than just functional but also a statement piece? Then you’re in the market for architectural roofing at its best.

From complex designs to skilled fabrication, architectural roofing can add to your aesthetic while also meeting your goals for function and sustainability. These roofs come to life in the hands of experienced architects, builders, and engineers who are able to deliver intricate levels of detail while remaining on schedule and on budget.

When designers look for architectural roofing for their project, they look no further than Advanced Metal Cladding. AMC is known across Melbourne and the surrounds as a dedicated firm with a tight-knit and talented team that specializes in roofing and metal wall cladding.

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Is architectural roofing right for me?

First and foremost, architectural roofs are designed to make a statement. They’re generally conceptualised as part of an innovative new build to ensure that engineering is precisely handled from the start.

Architectural roofing often comes with a modern aesthetic, which continues to resonate widely with Melburnians. Part of the appeal is also that metal cladding in the form of copper, zinc, and aluminium are the most popular materials used in this style of roofing. In most cases, flashings and roofing materials are designed to job specifications and then custom-made to ensure the perfect design.

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What are the key benefits of architectural roofing?

IMG 6109 - Architectural RoofingWe’re going beyond the design factors to highlight just how creative and content you can be with the new architectural roof

  • Ecofriendly:  In addition to their long-lasting design, many metals are recyclable.
  • Durability: Metal cladding is designed to withstand elements in weather of all sorts and can last upwards of 100 years.
  • Versatile: Unlike traditional roofing materials, metal cladding allows designers to create new shapes, styles, and contours for a versatile and seamless finish.
  • Maintenance: There’s little to no maintenance needed once the panels and cladding are in place.

Does architectural roofing take a long time to complete?

IMG 2607 - Architectural RoofingIn many cases, the majority of the time taken up for a project of this type is during the design phase. It’s then that the architect will work with the builder to define the scope of the project requirements and work on a design that will incorporate all of the needs regarding aesthetic as well as engineering stability. Consider that you need to incorporate proper roof plumbing into the design as well as any creative elements. Once the design is finalised, plans may need to be sent to your local council or municipality for review and approval before the building can start.

With some architectural roofing projects, elements of the roof itself can be built or manufactured offsite and then delivered to the property in progress in stages. This can help expedite the build process while also ensuring that intricate aspects of the build are managed correctly and expertly. When and how the roof is installed will be a factor of the progress for the rest of the build framing timeline.

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How to choose a professional for your roofing project

When it comes to architectural roofing, you’re talking about more than just changing the materials on an existing roof or refreshing an existing façade. You’re talking about a highly skilled design project that requires professionals who know the ins and outs of engineering as well as have a keen design aesthetic.

Start by collecting ideas of your own and sharing them with a potential roofing provider. You’ll want to compare your interests with their portfolio of completed work to make sure that there is a good match. Once you have it narrowed down by style, ask to speak with a few customer references. Remember that the process is a collaborative one when it comes to designing a property or roof, so you’ll want to choose someone that you can work well with over a period of time. Listening to other customer experiences can help give you a sense of what it will be like to work with the firm for your own project, as well as things to watch out for.

Now it’s time to check credentials. You’ll never want to work with a company that is not licensed and insured to do the work described. Make sure that whoever you choose is not just a designer; they also need to be a builder who can deliver on the project as outlined. Ask about other accreditations or memberships that they might have to give you a sense of their reputation. And never work with anyone who cannot show you proof of their credentials.

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Create your daring design with Advanced Metal Cladding

When it comes to roofing design, your imagination is the limit. At AMC, we’re staffed with top experts in architectural roofing design, build, and implementation to bring your ideas to life. No project is too big or too small for our team to create an impactful roofline or home silhouette out of the best metal cladding materials available here in Australia.

Our firm focuses solely on residential projects and has a proven track record throughout Melbourne and the surrounds. We’re a licensed roofing contractor and a member of Master Builders Victoria. And we’re always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to client satisfaction.

To learn more about our offerings and portfolio of work, call us on 0497 009 390 today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Architectural Roofing in Melbourne

It can help you to have a vision board, a list of features, or even choose elements from your portfolio to give us a starting point.

It’s possible that some metals, like copper, may be incorporated for their design elements, such as the patina that copper takes on over time. Other metals, like aluminium, might be lauded for their longevity and corrosion resistance, features that are more than welcome in roofing design.

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Why Choose Advanced Metal Cladding


AMC was established in 2013 by Paul Bowd and Michael Kumschick who have been in the architectural metal cladding industry for 20 years.


We are focusing on being efficient and reliable when it comes to the onsite installation. Good communication between the involved parties is crucial.


We have recently been approved by VM Zinc as an accredited installer that can supply a 50 year warranty on VM Zinc materials if installed by AMC to the VM Zinc guidelines. Other workmanship warranty is as per the regulations of the construction industry.


Doing a detailed area take-off for each individual project ensures that we are full across the requirements and reduces the amount of re-work and variations due to oversight in the quotation process.


We are open and honest with clients from the start of what to expect when they deal with us. We are a small business that focuses on a niche market that we know well.


We have developed systems to better serve our clients which starts from the first initial contact for a quote request through to the on site installation of the customized cladding and roofing project.

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