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AP 02830 - Interlocking


Interlocking system, otherwise known as the cassette cladding is the reverse look to the standing seam system. The interlocking system provides a clean, sleek and contemporary aesthetic. It is popular with those who prefer the flat look over the rib effect.
Whilst it is most commonly used vertically, it is versatile and can be used both horizontally and also vertically.

Interlocking system is installed over 24mm galvanised top hats (1.15BMT) and is also installed along side proctor wrap (moisture proof membrane).

The limitations to the interlocking system are the length and widths of panels used. Too small width and it can be difficult/ impossible to get it roll formed, too wide and it can increase the chance of oil canning.
We recommend not exceeding more than 4m in length of panels. Increasing the length past this, also increases the chances of oil canning. Interlocking is also not recommended to be installed as a roofing system.

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